Textrade Ltd, Malta, presentation

Textrade Ltd was founded in May 2004 in Cyprus, but was moved to Malta October 2013 due to the financial crisis in Cyprus.

Textrade Ltd is owned by Scatron Investments Ltd, a holding company based in Cyprus, owned by Lars Nilsson

Textrade Ltd are buying stock lots, out of season and over production of garments, shoes, bags and accessories from more than 200 brand owners in EU, mainly Scandinavia and are selling these goods to a worldwide customer base.

Textrade Ltd has a logistic partner in Germany, Scatron Logistics GmbH, located in north Germany, close to the Danish border.

At Scatron Logistics GmbH we are hosting more than 1.000.000 pieces and are handling trailer loads and containers weekly, both as incoming goods and as deliveries.

Goods are sold either at price per piece or at price by kg net weight, depending on what kind of goods it is.

We have fully assorted, original packed goods, as well as mix gods either packed by category or as total mix.

We try to have one or maximum two customers per country to avoid problems with too many players in the same country buying more or less the same kind of garments or the same brands.

Our customers are normally big importers/wholesalers but we also have some customers with chain stores in different countries, big enough to buy trailer loads or container loads from us.

We are presenting our stocks with pictures and detailed lists on our website. Our webmaster is working with updates every day, so our customers are always informed what`s going on, incoming stocks, goods sold out etc.

If You need any further information let me know and I will come back to You asap.

Lars Nilsson

Textrade Ltd

4 V. Dimech Street

FRN 1504 Floriana


MT 21512813

DE 259087138

DE Mobile +49 174 1515560

MT Mobile +356 99957333

CY Mobile +357 99584980